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9212 Medical Supply

At 9212 Medical Supply, we take take pride in providing the most advanced and current technologies to diagnose and provide solutions for Foot Pain and faulty Bio-mechanics. Incorrect timing and pressure distribution of our feet may lead to foot pain and pain in other parts of the body related to poor foot bio-mechanics, posture and improper footwear.

We use a scanning mat connected to a computer to analyze foot function and timing of foot motion, to determine the need for a Custom Orthotic to control and support faulty foot movements.

The FootMaxx software is able to capture and process the exact pressure and timing of foot function. We provide Computerized Dynamic Analysis of Foot Biomechanics for prescription of Footmaxx Orthotics.

Using a specially designed sensor mat connected to a computer with the FootMaxx software, we can diagnose a wide range of posture related problems. The system can analyze both static (standing) and dynamic (walking stride) pressure patterns.

Using the information gathered from the system we can provide you with the correct solution to help alleviate the pain that causes you discomfort.

Wearing corrective orthotics can help relieve many foot, knee, hip and back problems. Corrective foot orthotics realigns and dynamically supports the foot so that it functions normally and optimally.