What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy aims to restore and maintain functional movement and reduce the level of pain and discomfort.  It also helps promote physical health and wellness in individuals.

Physiotherapy seeks to identify and maximize the quality of life and movement potential through prevention, education, intervention, and rehabilitation.

Conditions We Treat

Joint and Muscle Pain, Cervicogenic Headache, Neck and Back Pain, Tennis/ Golfer’s Elbow, Joint Osteoarthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Pre/ Post-Op Rehab, Total Hip/ Knee, Replacement, Bone Fracture Rehab,  Tendon Repairs, Sports Injury, Ankle Sprain, Muscle Injury/ Strain, Shin Splint, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Patellar Tendinitis, Shoulder Injury/Pain, Plantar Fasciitis

Services We Offer: Motor Vehicle Accident  Injury Rehab, Sports Injury Rehab, Manual Therapy, Mackenzie Diagnosis and Technique, Kinesiotaping,  Vestibular Rehab,  Therapeutic Exercises, Electrotherapy,  Pre- & Post-Operative Rehab, Fall Risk Assessment and Prevention, Functional Abilities Evaluation, Postural Education, Foot Care, Acupuncture, Homecare

About us

We are highly trained physiotherapists who apply the hands-on and patient-specific approach to get you back to feeling and moving your best!

We accept patients with Work Insurance, Motor Vehicular Accidents, and WSIB.

Contact: Tel: 647-323-AFIX (2349)Email: